So. Are Microwaves Dangerous?

No microwaves are not dangerous unless you were to be exposed to a very high level for a long period of time. Your microwave oven can't "cook your insides" if you stand in front of it. They are just as safe as any other method of cooking, as long as you are careful to cook the food properly, and not to spill hot liquids.

Below you'll find some microwave myths as well as some microwave facts but if you still have any questions about usage...just ask us!

  • Microwave Myths - Whats Not True...

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    Microwaves are radioactive
    A microwave can work with the door even partly open
    Microwave ovens leak microwaves as they get older
    Steam coming out from the door means it's leaking
    Warm air coming out of the microwave if harmful, contains microwaves or is "radioactive"
    You must have them serviced once a year
    There are still microwaves inside after it's stopped cooking
  • No Risk to Your Health

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    There are no proven cases where using a microwave oven has resulted in any of the following:
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    Sterility, impotence or similar problems
    Harmed an unborn child or foetus
    Caused an illness
    Affected a pacemaker
    Caused headaches or nausea
    Ruined the taste or nutritional value of food
  • Can I Cook Eggs in the Microwave?

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    Yes you can, but never try to boil an egg in your microwave, or cook it inside it's shell.
    The reason for this is that inside the shell is a membrane (like a thick, tough skin), which stops the steam from escaping-within a short time your egg in the microwave will become a small bomb.

    Please don't try it to see if it's true, it's very dangerous!

    The way to cook eggs in a microwave is either poached (prick the skin with a fork first), or scrambled. Scrambled eggs cooked in a microwave come out light and fluffy.
  • Combination Ovens Are Far More Versatile

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    However if it's a combination oven then you can; bake all sorts of cakes, roast meat, grill chops, make yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, the list is endless. However never try to cook or boil an egg in its shell, or fry anything at all.

    More about combination ovens.
  • I Can See Through The Door, Can The Microwaves Get Out?

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    You can see through the door because the holes in the metal mesh are small enough for the light "waves" to pass through, but the microwaves are too big to fit through the holes (I know this sounds odd because we are talking about something we can't see!).

    Just imagine that you have got a wire mesh, with holes about the size of a pea in it, along comes some light (imagine it as a marble) that's 1/10th the size of the hole--it will drop through a hole in the mesh, now along comes the microwave which is a bigger glass marble, about the size of a 2 pence coin, it's far too big so it just bounces off the mesh, it can't get through.

    This is just what happens with light and microwaves in the microwave. To the microwaves the mesh looks just like a solid metal screen; and they bounce off just like radar waves bouncing off of a ship or aeroplane, but to the light the screen is not very substantial and the light just streams through.
  • What Can't I Cook In My Microwave?

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    If it's just a basic microwave then you can't bake cakes, roast meat or potatoes, never try to deep fry or pan fry anything at all (but you can use a browning dish to crisp bacon and pizzas).

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